Football Program Ad Sales

Fundraiser 2017 Instructions

  1. Ads will be sold from now through August 5th, 2017. Final Day to submit ads!!!
  2. The Ads are priced according to their size, see the price sheet.
  3. We would suggest that as you close your Ad Sales you complete the order form and submit it with payment. Ads will only be accepted if paper work is complete, the ad is PRINT READY and payment is attached.
  4. Ad money can be handed in during the Summer Band Camps June 5-7 and July 10-12 or at Regular Band Camp through August 4th. Payments can also be mailed as instructed on the fundraiser info sheet.
  5. 85% of the profit goes toward the fair share of your band dues. You can always raise more than your required fair share!
  6. Parents of senior students get a 50% discount on senior ads placed. (Example a full page ad would be $200 instead of $400).
  7. The top half of the order form is a letter that you can give advertisers.
  8. If you have any questions please contact Nicole Smith at
Do not contact any business listed Already Sold

Submission Form / Price Sheet / Info


Already Sold Ads

Good Luck!!!