Officers 2016 – 2017:

Drum Majors:  Janine Santiago, Emily Lubin
Band Captain: Anthony Boucher, Carolina Garcia
Percussion Captain: Dean Tunks
Guard Captain: Kathryn Kirchman

Section Leaders:

Operations Manager: Rebecka Livingstone
Flute: Sarah Dominguez
Clarinet: Danielle Looi
Saxophone: Michael Kruse
Trumpet: Carolina Garcia
Mellophone: Emily Wiegand
Low Brass: Kaila Tartaro
Pit: Gianluca Tartaro
Drumline: Joey Quatromoni

Officers Descriptions:

Drum Major: The drum major is the primary liaison between the director and the band and should be respected as such in the director’s absence. He/she is expected to run sectionals, conduct ensembles and aid in the strength of the band.

Band Captain: The band captain runs all meetings and communicates between the director, the officers and the band. He/she helps to plan social events, makes sure all jobs are taken care of and listens to ideas from all.

Captains – Band and Guard: The captains schedule and run sectionals and perform music checks. They coordinate with section leaders and are in charge of making sure all rooms and lockers are kept neat.

Section Leaders: The section leaders set the example for everyone in their section. They make sure everyone is prepared with music and instruments, represent their section at officer meetings and coordinate with their captains.

Operations Manager: The equipment managers prepare the field for marching, fill water coolers, and have all needed equipment on the field for practices and make sure inventory is taken of all school owned instruments. They also keep records of all loaned instruments and send out those that need repair.